About Wordsmith

Hi, I'm Ron Robertson, a master craftsman of words. A freelance writer.

What do I know about writing? I’ve been a corporate writer/editor, a PR flack and a journalist. I can put together words to sell, persuade and inform.

Among about a zillion other things, I've written product selling points, advertisements, web copy, news releases, brochures, and newsletters. I'm experienced in corporate and nonprofit marketing and did stints as a newspaper and radio journalist. Check out my resume here.

But it's not important what I’ve done. What’s important is what I can do for you. I can put together the words you need for any audience who needs to see them. Check out my portfolio and see for yourself.


About Me

I live with my wife and dog on a small lake in northern New York state. Not upstate New York. You have to drive a couple hours south to get to what most people call upstate. We're so far north, we're practically Canadians.

The dog's a border collie/husky mix named Shadow. The wife’s a 5'2" blue-eyed blonde named Tracy who works as a graphic designer at a local university.

I own two early-'80s Honda motorcycles – one actually runs – and two vintage pick-up trucks, a 1964 International plow truck and a 1949 Willys. Only one of them runs, too. Fortunately, it's the plow truck because winter is something we have in abundance.

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