Resistance on the home front

By Ron

shadow1The gurus who advocate an entrepreneurial lifestyle tell their disciples to beware the nay-sayers, those who try to tell you you’re crazy to leave a steady paycheck and strike out on your own. Often, the gurus say, it’s the ones closest to you who are most likely to be unsupportive.

I’ve been lucky. The only one who’s put up resistance so far is my dog.

There’s a room in our house designated as my home office or “den”, as we like to call it. It wasn’t friendly to the way I work, so a few weeks ago I did some rearranging. I hope to be spending a lot of time in there working my freelance mojo, so I wanted to make it more comfortable.

Unfortunately, I forgot to clear my plans with Shadow, who also uses that room as a “den”.

I hadn’t been using it much, so Shadow decided it was a quiet, comfy place to sleep. Most of the time he’d sleep on the futon. That was one of the things I moved. It’s still there, but now it’s 90 degrees from its original position. I don’t think he’s been on it since.

At first, he was so freaked he didn’t want to go into the room at all. For the first few nights, he begged to go outside or on the porch ‒ anywhere but that room. Eventually, he’d go in, but just barely far enough to say he was inside. I don’t think I could have closed the door without hitting some part of him. Sure, there are other places in the house he could have slept ‒ we keep him inside at night ‒ but he wasn’t considering other options.

It’s getting better. He’s sleeping farther inside the room, but never, as far as I can tell, on the futon.

I feel guilty for disrupting his universe like that, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, you know? Even if not everyone is 100 percent behind you.

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