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Staying inside the lines

By Ron

There’s a popular rule of thumb that separates creative types from their more pedantic brethren. “Did you color inside the lines or outside the lines?” If you color inside the lines, you’re a structured, follow-the-rules thinker. But, if you color outside the lines, you’re more creative, a free thinker, someone who doesn’t like to be [...]

Breaking free of the 9 to 5

By Ron

There are many ways to strike off on your own, to shed the mantle of corporate servitude. But many of them won’t work for most people. Why? Money. While it’s not impossible to raise enough money to open a store, start a restaurant or begin manufacturing left-handed thingamajigs, it’s not easy. It also can be [...]

Don’t wanna go to school!

By Ron

“I don’t wanna go to school.” That’s what my wife and I say when we’re dreading going to work. You know what I mean. Drag yourself out of bed. Groggily clean up and put your clothes on. Have something to eat, if you have time. If you have kids, you have to help them get [...]